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wow i cant draw
*keeps drawing*


proper fucking attitude.

oh well i'm supa flattered!!! (*^ω^) I'll have to post even more now that I have someone! get more of you to follow me!! hehe

You should check this out!
I’m an animator too and I have a dream as well. Maybe we can be partners. ;a;

It’s quite a god send for you to have followed me I was like “woah omfg”.

of course! but how'd you even find my blog?? I'm not quite the talk of the town. Do you know me in real life at all??? Or you just like my blog? lol

XD; oh I’m sorry.

Yeah I like your blog and you’re part of Frederator ! >w

omg whaaat just saw your comment mang. do I know you in real life or somethin? how do you know me???

You had followed me didn’t you?:‘“c


Someone goes to mail a love letter

NYU Tisch school of the arts

Professor John Canemaker

Action Analysis 2 


Omfg how can I talk to you!? I can’t believe you’re following me


Background Painting assignment in Gouache


wasn’t there some famous men’s rights activist that said fathers should be raping (in his words “having sex with”) their daughters from a young age in order to develop a good relationship? does anyone have a link to that? 

Oh no that’s horrible. That made me sick to my stomach.

I’m an egalitarian and I believe that both sexes are equal, but this is just making that belief hard for me.

I don’t wanna be one sided here but that’s disgusting and I hope he didn’t have any daughters of his own.




the fact that breast feeding in public is up for discussion

the fact that the sexualization of breasts has gotten to the point where it gets in the way of its sole fucking purpose  


So long as you’re discreet about it.

I mean like, public urination ain’t cool.

i don’t know what they taught you in school son but we don’t piss out of our tits 

I don’t think he meant it that way.

I think he meant peeing in public isn’t right, so breast feeding isn’t either.

Or “she” I could be mistaken, I’m a girl here after all.


I hate everything

Man … This is stupid. xD Especially that Johnny Test recolor.


I hate everything

Man … This is stupid. xD

Especially that Johnny Test recolor.